Software Development

We provide development and programming sevices to develop systems and Web Applications tailored to your needs, to improve the process control POS, track customers, Human Resource Management, Suppliers, Orders, Deliveries, Contract Management, Logistics, Documents management, Finance and process compensation

In addition to offering customers the Development or Web Application Factory scientific or research that will enable measurement, monitoring systems, Real-time Mathematical calculations.

Manufacture or develop custom software, in many cases involves defining what you want to do, for it is vital to carry out on-the development of projects, such as analysis and design of reliable, lead controls on changes that arise during the process of workmanship and above all take a close coordination between programmers and System Designer. The latter should have experience in development, have examined and / or updated other software since it will depend on the success and durability of your project, so you must be an experienced and knowledgeable technicians

   We try to always check and cover the following aspects.

Quality standards

  • Information Security.
  • Availability of Systems.
  • Graphic Design System.
  • Design Standard Database.
  • Capacity Data Storage.
  • Control Activities Roles and User Performance.
  • Introduction Control for Data Validation.
  • Capacity User Access.
  • System Behavior during peak hours.

Tools, programming Language and Database design

Development and Programming services
Web programming Languages Data Bases Programming Langauges
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Dot Net
  • MySQL

  • PostgreSql

  • Oracle

  • Sybase

  • SQL server

  • Progress Software

  • DB2

  • Visual Basic .Net
  • Progress Software
  • GTK con Glade (Linux)

   To achieve these objectives we use our Web survey tool that allow us to identify needs and anomalies that are happening in your company, which impede the smooth unfolding of the same and a lower quality of its products and services.

   These Web tools, give us a total picture about what is happening in your business and allows us to gather and evaluate information that your executives have individually or areas on the fundamentals of running your business. And therefore propose to identify anomalies and improving business processes and eliminate hidden defects.

   We use the latest stable versions listed as the products we use to develop the systems, we use different systems for data migration, IDE development, group control systems development, monitoring systems of the products we use, to offer a completely stable solutions, which covers all your needs as you need with quality and durable.

for more information on costs please review our section on software development, if your project is greater than 2 months time to contact us quote your project in a better way or if you require approximate budget and staff time involved with please contact

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