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IT Company Research, Consulting and Software Development

We started work in March 2001, we have over 10 years experience and have made many micro ongoing consulting for various types of government institutions such as:

  • SEGOB management system made with PHP-MySQL Latex-PDF formatsTraining
  • CFE and PHP Installation report Informix Software Payroll and Human Resources
  • Banco de Mexico php Sybase Training for the system SPEI
  • CDI currently INDI PHP-MySQL Training and development portal
  • SEP Training for application development PHP-MySQL
  • PRESIDENCIA Progress Software Programming Training
  • SAGARPA-Firco Training for Managing Linux Web servers
  • STPS work climate system
we have done software development and / or Applications for private companies such as:

  • New York TML services Database Replication geocalization IAVE for transportHouse
  • Majapara Management System Change, change management and Foreign Currencies
  • Optical lux Update linux system point of sale

We have also worked together with other companies

  • IPISA Geolocation bus System
  • Inteligentes SA de CV development for mobile POS
  • Trained over 100 people in administration Linux Servers
  • Trained over 100 people in PHP-MySQL


  • Promote the use of new technologies to reduce costs, access new customers and improving service to customers with systems and / or Web Applications.
  • Encourage the installation media to interconnect thousands of users nation
  • wideDevelopment of new technologies and patents that allow raising the level of quality of life.
  • Promote electronic and mechanical industry in Mexico.


To offer clients services Developing Web Applications such as Safe and reliable:

  • Payroll and Human Resources
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Work Flow
  • Point of Sales
  • Billing
  • Purchasing and Competition

Improving the design of existing management systems to make improvements in the integration of automation systems for data acquisition collections, expanded coverage of advertising and customer service through the use of Web Applications. Providing customers with quality Web software that will allow customers to access other markets and grow reliably and continuously.

To achieve these objectives requires experience in internal management processes of companies, keep in mind the new rules in order to make operational improvements proposed for these processes and incorporate them into a new software solution that achieves the desired objectives, putting aside problems that impede business growth by excessive administration staff handbook

Bet / Interest

To the extent that countries become industrialized and developing new technologies we want to be leaders in providing new ideas and technologies that facilitate the administration, customer service and collection companies. By incorporating them with specific hardware systems that handle multi-media to be integrated with multi-application management applications to automate and control processes.

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